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O General Air Conditioners

O General Air Conditioners

O General Air Conditioners Online Sale In India

Fujitsu General creates high-quality and environmentally-friendly products that provide good comfort in accordance with our basic policy to a "create comfortable environment" by utilizing the air conditioning technology and creativity we have fostered over many years. ETA (O General) is one of the leading manufacturers of various types of air conditioners (ACs) in India. O General ACs are known for their energy-efficiency, eco-friendly technology, and efficient cooling operations at high temperatures.

Available types of O General AC

Following are the different types of O General air conditioners:

General Window AC

This type of AC is easy to install and is suitable for smaller rooms.

General Split-Cooling

This AC has a large fan with a powerful motor for better transfer of heat.

General Inverter Split

This air conditioner produces less noise, as the condenser and compressor are outside. It also provides faster cooling for larger rooms.

General Inverter Split (Hot and Cold)

It is more energy efficient, as there is a reduction in power consumption, when the set temperature is reached.