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Top Load Washing Machine


Onida Top Load Washing Machine Online In India

Onida, being the domestic brand is very popular and has a good image among the consumers. There are various products that Onida manufactures and sells including televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and mobile phones. The Top Load washing machines from Onida are very popular because of their long life and durability. They are either fully automatic or semi-automatic that can be chosen according to the needs and convenience. The machines come in various load capacities that can be chosen depending on the usage. The price list of 21 Onida top loading washing machines is given below that is updated on 10th August 2020. They come with numerous features for the convenience of the users. You can select the water level, choose the functions with just a touch of the button. There is also a digital display for informing the users of their selections. Some washing machines also give you the option of selecting the temperature for water inlet.

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