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Front Load Washing Machine


Whirlpool Front Load Washing Machine Sale In India

Front loaders have the loading hole for the dirty laundry located to the front of the washing machine. These are efficient appliances that have the edge over other models, thanks to their simple unloading feature. These do not include an agitator, which means tangle free fresh laundry. But, this does not hinder the ability of the washing machine to clean clothes. On the other hand, users get the clothes washed with lesser water and detergent because front load machines use gravity to pull water through clothes. A considerable load can be filled into these appliances due to larger drum capacity and because of the available space that an agitator might occupy. The spin cycle on these washing machine models also removes more water from clothes meaning drying time can be reduced.Designed & manufactured by Whirlpool, in Europe, the front load washer range brings superior European craftsmanship & design to India for the first time ever.

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