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Hindware Air Coolers

Hindware Air Coolers

Hindware Snowcrest presents India's first Air Coolers with changeable colour panels. A one of a kind design coupled with powerful performance makes these coolers the most elegant addition to your homes. Now you can complement your aesthetic interiors with equally classy coolers. Bringing you the best in class features and colourful exteriors, your summer appliance requirements are sorted for the long haul. So, get a colourful upgrade because it's cool to be colourful.

Changeable Colour Panels

Colours are so much more fun. Set aside those mundane old school coolers and bring home the Hindware Snowcrest Desert & Personal coolers that come with changeable colour panels. Dazzle up your home with the trendiest air coolers from India’s most trusted home appliance brand. Use a panel style that matches the colour scheme of the room or switch it up with using contrasting colours. These panels can be customized according to your preference. Choose from a wide range of interesting colour options like Ruby Red, Ice Grey and Premium Purple. 

High Air Delivery

Hindware Snowcrest Coolers offer you cooling in every corner of the room. The High Air Delivery feature of these air coolers is the main USP. Equipped with a robust motor and a powerful fan, along with smartly designed louver mechanism, our Desert Coolers provide high performance every single time. In terms of air delivery, the coverage area of Hindware Snowcrest Air Coolers is extremely wide, so every corner of your room gets uniform cooling.The speed of the fan remains as good as new, even after extended use.

Honeycomb Pads

Our coolers come with low maintenance honeycomb pads that stand the test of time. They are durable and are attached to the back and side grills. Honeycomb pads are made of cellulose and are eco-friendly which makes Hindware Snowcrest Coolers a great choice for our environment-conscious consumers. These pads are damage-resistant and absorb all the dust particles from outside. The honeycomb pads maintain a balanced cooling throughout the room. They have efficient water absorption quality and facilitate excellent passage of air through them which in turn leads to better cooling.

Anti-Skid Top Cover

A smart feature of our coolers is the anti-skid top cover which is very useful for homes and offices. It has an anti-slippery surface to provide additional grip and storage for placing objects. The feature is added keeping in mind the Indian consumer specifically. The ergonomic design makes it perfectly suitable for your home and can fit in effortlessly. Since the coolers are anti-skid, small devices like phones and tablets can easily be placed on top of the cooler and be kept on charging from a nearby power point. The anti-skid top cover acts as a safety measure so that objects placed upon it does not get disbalanced even when the cooler is moved.


Addressing the acute need of cooling facility during tedious power cuts, Hindware Snowcrest coolers are equipped with the inverter-compatibility feature. Surveys showed that power cuts are one of the most nagging issues that consumers face during summers. Coolers that can also run on inverters can be your saviour during the long and unpredictable power cuts. Hindware Snowcrest Air Coolers can be safely used in collaboration with home inverters. This ensures that the cooling can be enjoyed even during those long and hot power cuts. Our coolers are also energy-efficient and don’t consume much energy.

Auto-Fill Tank

Hate to fill the water again and again in the cooler? Now you can experience hassle-free cooling with the auto-fill feature in the Hindware Snowcrest Coolers. You can fill the tank automatically by attaching the cooler to a direct water supply via a hose. When the water level drops beyond the minimum level, the tank can be auto-filled using the direct water supply. This feature also contributes to longer life term of the motor as it doesn’t have to keep operating without the presence of water in the tank.


The ice-chamber feature of Hindware Snowcrest Air Coolers allows for optimum cooling that lets you relax. Ice cubes can be added to the ice-chamber to ensure greater cooling as compared to when the tank is filled with plain water. This can be very handy for those days when the heat becomes unbearable and you are craving for some extra cooling.

Humidity Controller

This personal cooler comes with humidity controller which allows you to control the humidity in the room according to the weather and atmosphere. This makes it easier for you to control the atmosphere according to your requirement.

Wood-Wool Pads

Wood-wool cooling pads contribute to the efficiency of the cooling pads. They have been long known to be one of the most reliable materials to be used for cooling purposes, across the globe. A fantastic choice that is easy on the pocket , wood-wool pads absorb nearly 75% water. Due to its large surface area and high volume, wood -wool serves as an excellent material for the purpose of moisture retention.They can be compressed easily for shipping purposes and tend to resume their original volume on removal of pressure. Wood-wool is a naturally occuring material, procured from trees like aspen, eucalyptus,pine, poplar and spruce.

Water Level Indicator

The water-level indicator feature of our coolers is a great plus as it warns you about the water-level of the cooler. This ensures that you do not run out of water all of a sudden. Through the indicator, one can keep track of the water inside the tank. Anyone can fill the tank with ease as the coolers can be connected to a direct water supply via a hose, which removes the need for manual water filling as many find it to be an uncomfortable and tiring task. This feature also safeguards against the danger of damaging the motor of the cooler as you can easily monitor the water-level of the tank.

Mosquito/ Dust Filter

Filter that prevents mosquito and dust entering from the back grill. It saves from harmful diseases resulting from mosquitoes breeding when not in use or when it is idle during the off-season. It also keeps the cooler and honeycomb pad cleaner and dust free resulting in continuous operation for fresh cooling air.

1 Year Comprehensive Warranty

Hindware Snowcrest Air Coolers come with a 1 year comprehensive warranty. For us at Hindware, customer satisfaction is no.1 priority. All our air coolers come with a 100% quality assurance. In case of any defect (which is not caused by any act of the buyer), replacement or servicing is assured. It does not apply to damage caused by usual tear and wear, neglect, misuse, abuse or accident. Warranty period is validated from date of purchase and the warranty card must be shown to Authorized Service personnel at the time of repair. Therefore customers are requested to keep their original invoice and warranty card safely. Replacement or repair will be carried out by company’s service center or its authorized service personnel.

Castor Wheels

Our coolers have castor wheels that help in easy portability of the cooler. These wheels allow for 360 degree rotation and helps to move the cooler around the house without much effort. Placement of cooler may need to be changed as per your needs and hence these wheels let you move the cooler around with ease. Even 360 degree rotation of the cooler is a cakewalk for anyone.

Completely Shut Louvers

Health and hygiene of consumers always remain on top of our list while designing our products. This is why our coolers come with louvers that are completely shut. This feature prevents the entering of mosquitoes and other insects into your house hence maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the coolers’ interiors. Mosquitoes often select damp places like air coolers for breeding purposes. This leads to numerous deadly diseases like dengue, chikungunya, zika, malaria etc. Our tower coolers protect your family from these disease-spreading forces while comforting you with brilliant cooling.

2.0 USB Port

Keeping convenience in mind in, Hindware Snowcrest Mini Air Coolers come with a unique feature of 2.0 USB port that enables speedy charging of devices while giving out cool air. With the high-speed USB charging port, electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets and others can be easily charged. A very time-saving and useful hack, this feature gives Hindware Appliances an edge over other mini air coolers in the market.

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