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Siemens Dishwashers

Siemens Dishwashers

        Siemens dishwashing machines


        Wash a selection of cookware and tableware - from glassware, kadhais to stainless steel utensils in Siemens dishwashing machines that promise quick and safe cleaning without the need for pre-rinsing. Yes, just scrape off leftover food from the dishes and place them inside the appliance. The machine removes tough oil and masala stains by washing your dishes at 70 degrees Centigrade. For fewer utensils, you'll make use of the Half Load choice to save on wash time. The appliances use only 10 Litres of water to do your dishes. With removable racks, you'll easily and comfortably place tall vessels within the 2nd rack

        Siemens dishwashers on Favobliss are available from 31,199 Rupees. No Cost EMIs starting at 5,200 Rupees per month are also available. 

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