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Havells Water Geysers

Havells Water Geysers

Havells Geysers Price in India

Havells, being one of the oldest and largest companies in the world, manufactures and sells a wide spectrum of products. Some of the products include electric cables, domestic and industrial circuit protection devices, fans, LED lighting, modular switches, heaters and much more. Havells also produces high-quality geysers at the affordable price range. It uses unique Ferro glass technology in the geysers that increase its efficiency. You can find geysers of varied capacities ranging from 1 litre to 100 litres. Havells 6l geysers are popular among the customers due to their low cost and convenience. It comes with ABS body that provides durability in the long run, and they are also environment-friendly. These digital water geysers come with Incoloy heating element along with high-density CFC-free insulation for lower electricity consumption. Some of the heaters come with copper tank, a knob for controlling the temperature and come with high rated pressure, thereby withstand the high pressure of water. They can be easily used in a high-rise building and pressure pump applications. For more information on the geysers, you can check out the price list of 80 Havells geysers listed below. The list has been updated on 22nd August 2020. The Havells water heater installation and warranty details are given in the manual, which is available in the package

A warm bath is what we all crave for, after a long and tedious day. If you are not satisfied with your current water heater at home and would like to upgrade it to something better, we have exactly what you are looking for. Browse through a wide range of Havells geysers on Flipkart and order a geyser home today. You will find an array of Havells gas heaters, instant heaters, and storage heaters. There are enough and more options for you to choose from. Along with aesthetics and utility, Havells is a brand that promises protection and high safety to all its buyers. Explore a huge collection of geysers from Havells online and go through the specifications to find the one you’re looking for.

Havells 3 L Instant Water Geyser (Instanio)-White Blue Havells 3 L Instant Water Geyser (Instanio)-White Blue
-20 %
Brand: Havells Model: Instanio 3L White Blue
Color Changing LED IndicatorLED that changes color as the water heats to the desired temperature. Ultra-thick stainless steel inner tank of superior 304-grade rust and shockproof ABS outer body. Havells Instanio Geyser makes sure you have access to warm water at all times. The geyser comes with a .65 MPa Bar Pressure which makes it suitable for high rise buildings and pressure pump applications. The heating element inside ensure heat does not escape and you enjoy complete control and easy warm water access whenever you need it. Havells Instanio Geyser and have easy access to warm water for all your various purposes at home. The geyser which is an ideal option for your home gives you warm water for various activities at home making it an ideal choice. The Heating Element helps in simple temperature measurement to achieve outstanding accuracy to give you best results...
₹3,680 ₹4,595
Ex Tax:₹3,680
Havells 6 L Instant Water Geyser (Instanio)-White Blue Havells 6 L Instant Water Geyser (Instanio)-White Blue
-10 %
Brand: Havells Model: Instanio 6 L
Water Heaters Is Equipped With An Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (Elcb) Which Will Cut Off The Power Immediately In Case Of Any Current Leakage. The Main Purpose Of Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker Is To Prevent Injury To Humans Due To Electric Shocks. Havells Instanio Prime 6 L Vertical Geyser. Its Single Weld design with Feroglas TM technology includes the usage of high-quality corrosion-resistant steel plates that prolongs the life of the inner tank. The Incoloy glass-coated heating element gives an excellent heating performance. Havells Instanio Prime 6 L Vertical Geyser is suitable for multi-storeyed buildings since it can handle up to 8 bars pressure. The secure multi-function valve prevents the pressure to rise beyond 8 bars. With Whilrflow technology get 20% more hot water output. This technology prevents the mixing of hot and cold water for optimized energy savings and faster heating...
₹7,980 ₹8,830
Ex Tax:₹7,980
Havells Adonia Storage 25L Water Heater Flexi Pipe, White Havells Adonia Storage 25L Water Heater Flexi Pipe, White
-15 %
Brand: Havells Model: Havells Adonia Storage 25 L
With this perfect water heater from Havells, you can engage yourself in a warm bath anytime. It comes with Temperature-sensitive LED Indicators, a Feather-touch Panel, and a Remote Control feature for your convenience. It even comes with an Integrated Shock-safe Plug for your safety.Temperature-Sensitive LED IndicatorsColor-changing LEDs to indicate the real-time hotness of the water.Feather TouchFeather-touch panel for temperature setting between 25 °C and 75 °C to control energy consumption.Remote controlRemote control for temperature settingShock-Safe PlugIndia’s first integrated shock-safe plug designed to prevent electric shocks by cutting off the power in case of current leakage8 Bar PressureSuitable for high-rise buildings and pressure pump applications. The multi-function valve prevents pressure to increase beyond 8 barsFeroglasTM Technology with Single Weld Line DesignIt is made of ultra-thick super cold rolled steel plates that provide higher resistance to corrosion resulting..
₹14,999 ₹17,710
Ex Tax:₹14,999
Havells Opal 3L Instant 3000W Water Geyser, White Havells Opal 3L Instant 3000W Water Geyser, White
-32 %
Brand: Havells Model: Opal
Opal EC 3 L 3000W water heater from Havells will be a perfect addition to your home appliances. To prevent intensive corrosion, this heater features an ultra-thick stainless steel tank of superior 304 grade, a sturdy and shock resistant ABS plastic body outside. This ISI certified heater features an adjustable knob to set temperature with convenience, twin indicator lamp to know when the water is hot enough to use. Moreover, the fire retardant power cord prevents electrical hazards like short-circuits.Range3 LMountingVerticalRating as per BIS StandardsISI MarkedWarranty5 year warranty on inner tank & 2 year comprehensive warranty..
₹3,144 ₹4,599
Ex Tax:₹3,144
Havells Senzo 15L 5 Star Storage Water Geyser, White Havells Senzo 15L 5 Star Storage Water Geyser, White
-15 %
Brand: Havells Model: Havells Senzo
Senzo 15 L 2000W vertical water heater from Havells will be a perfect addition to your home appliances. Equipped with Whirl Flow Technology, this heater ensures optimum conservation of energy with faster heating. The high pressure withstanding capacity up to 8 bars make it suitable for high rise buildings. It also features Feather Touchpanel to let you set temperature between 250 degrees and 750 degrees centigrade. The incoloy coated glass elements offer excellent resistance to oxidation and carbonization at high temperature.Havells 5 year warranty on Inner Container, 2-year comprehensive WarrantyFor installation enquiry or scheduling/product queries, please contact the brand on 1800-103-1313 or 1800-11-0303. Brand Havells Model Name SENZO Capacity 15 L Color White Type Storage Mount Type Vertical Star Ra..
₹8,499 ₹9,953
Ex Tax:₹8,499
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