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Butterfly Wet Grinders

Butterfly Wet Grinder

There is a way to secure our roots and to boycott others who are selling their products but don’t know how to provide best services to their customers. But as we heard a term Made In India then we find a signature that you are going to use those products only who are made by our India engineers. Butterfly electrical appliances is the result of that term and a name that is born and brought up in our country. You can find fabulous electrical appliances for your kitchen under the name of Butterfly appliances. One of the most popular product is Butterfly wet Grinder. They are excellent and just exact to the needs of every homemaker. Now without anymore headache you can cook for yourself many delicious cuisines for your loved ones. You can find your most suitable latest wet finder among available options such as Butterfly Rhino 2L 1000W Wet Grinder, Butterfly Smart 150 W Table Top Wet Grinder, Butterfly Rhino Plus 2L 250W Wet Grinder and Butterfly Rhino Plus 150W Table Top Wet Grinder.

Butterfly Rhino Plus 2L 150 Watt Wet Grinder, Grey Butterfly Rhino Plus 2L 150 Watt Wet Grinder, Grey
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Brand: Butterfly Model: Butterfly Rhino Plus
Let's change the way of cooking in the regular kitchen, transform your regular kitchen into a modern kitchen. Butterfly Rhino Plus TTWG 2-litres beautifully designed body, body made of high quality ABS material, portable and in a convenient size, sturdy high torque single phase motor, detachable stainless steel drum and roller stone assembly, uniform grinding pressure, most hygienic, easy to handle, warranty: 2 years manufacturer warranty.Butterfly Splendid Mixer GrinderAn extremely useful kitchen aidThe Butterfly Rhino Mixer Grinder is ideally compact enough to occupy a small space in your kitchen.The ABS plastic which acts as a shock proof body and heat resistant.The 2 conical roller stone assemblies along with the cylinder holds a capacity of 2 liters and makes soft and smooth tiffins for you.The single grinding is done in maximum 20 mins.The dough kneader and the coconut scrapper adds additional benefits for making your kitchen chores easier.ABS BodyHigh torque single phase motorUn..
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