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How can I cancel my order?

Free to cancel your order before it has been processed. You get full amount refunded for such a cancellation. Here's how to cancel your order:

Log in to your account and go to My Account

Select the appropriate order from Recent Orders

Click on ‘Cancel Order’ for the items you want to cancel, individually

Select the reason and confirm the cancellation

When can I cancel my order?

By following the same we can refund the full amount you've spent.

Can I cancel only part of my order?

Yes,  you can individually cancel your product, before it goes for processing.

Why do I see a disabled cancel link?

It means your order is already shipped. In this case you can’t cancel your order or product.

How will I get my refund when I cancel an order?

As you cancel your order it will take to 3-4 days to get your amount in to your source account.

Will I get complete refund for the order I’ve cancelled?

You get complete refund.

What should I do if I don’t get my refund on time?

You may raise your query at

This is not what I ordered. How do I replace it?

Just initiate for return request from your account section.

Why was my order cancelled?

Due to unavailability of the product.