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Micromax Televisions

Micromax Televisions

Micromax Televisions

Delight your senses while watching your favourite movies and TV shows with the Micromax TV. Featuring a number of impressive features, Micromax TVs are designed to offer an enhanced viewing experience. Features like A+ Grade panel, IPS panel and CLCP (Crystal Luminous Colour Polarisation) technology help in delivering clear and lifelike visuals on the screen. While, features like the SRS Surround Sound Technology and the Five band Equalizer help in customising sound frequencies to fit the content you’re watching. This helps in delivering powerful and clear sound quality. If you’re planning to buy a good-quality TV, Micromax is the brand you should go for. Micromax has an extensive range of televisions that can suit your individual requirements and budget. Thanks to online shopping website, that you can buy and check Micromax TV Price, and bring the comfort of your home. Micromax 4k TVs usually feature sleek and sturdy design that can blend in seamlessly with your home’s decor. They also have a range of smart TVs that allows you to stream content from the Internet with ease, so your entertainment is not limited to regular TV shows. This also allows you to operate these televisions easily with your smart devices. Also, the Miracast technology (in a few models) lets you cast your phone’s screen to the TV, letting you check emails and browse through social networking sites. What’s more, you can also play your Android games on the large screen by simply connecting your smartphone to this TV. With the popularity of Micromax Brand you will easily find many great options in Television itself MICROMAX LED TV, MICROMAX Smart TV, Micromax Smart LED TV, Micromax LED TV with WIFI 32 inch, etc.

Buy Micromax Televisions Online

The Brand, Micromax, is upgrading your home entertainment experience with its high-end, feature-rich Micromax LED TVs. This reputed brand has multiple models of LED TVs to offer an immersive home entertainment experience. You can check out and buy any Micromax TV, including the Micromax smart TVs, on online shopping websites and get it delivered to your home without any hassle.


On online shopping websites, you can read user reviews, check ratings, and even compare the Micromax LED TVs’ prices before making a buying decision.


Upgrade Your Television-viewing Experience with Micromax TVs


With the kind of technology advancement happening today, it is certainly important to keep up with the latest models of televisions. If you are looking for a budget-friendly brand of television, you can go for Micromax TVs that come in different types and with a host of user-friendly features.

While looking for Micromax TVs online, you can simplify your search process by filtering your choices based on the screen size, resolution (Full HD, HD Ready and Ultra HD), operating system, connectivity features (Bluetooth and Built-in Wi-Fi), the ideal viewing distance, the number of USB and HDMI ports, etc.

Tips to Buy the Perfect Micromax TV

Never opt for a television that comes with a screen resolution and refresh rate less than 4K and 120 Hz respectively. It is recommended to go for televisions that come with at least three-four USB ports. Make sure that you find the sweet spot when you’re considering the screen size factor. An ideal sweet spot is said to measure between 140 cm (55) - 165 cm (65). You should take the screen viewing factor into consideration while looking for a television. You would not want to strain your neck, looking at the television.

 Types of Micromax TVs

 You can skim through various types of Micromax TVs online such as Micromax LED TV, Micromax Smart TV, Ultra HD TV, and Full HD TV.

 Micromax LED TV: The primary benefit of an LED TV is that you can enjoy a great picture quality, is energy efficient, and also comes with a decent lifespan. Choose from different models such as Micromax 81.28 cm (32) HD Ready LED Smart TV, Micromax 108 cm (43) HD Ready LED TV, etc. These TVs usually come with features like Crystal Luminous Colour Polarisation technology to enhance picture quality, a plethora of connectivity options, Sleep Timer that shuts down your TV automatically when not in use, and Ultra-low Power Consumption as well.

 Micromax Smart TV: You can take a peek at models like Micromax 81.28 cm (32) HD Ready LED Smart TV, Micromax Canvas 81 cm (32) HD Ready LED Smart TV, etc. Most of the Smart TVs come with features like Smart Control that allow you to multitask effortlessly on this large screen.

 Micromax Android TV: You can also check out the latest Micromax Android TV, the features of which can leave you in awe. It comes with the latest CLCP UHD for a spectacular TV watching experience. It comes with four different speakers along with DOLBY audio for the best sound effects. This Smart TV is also backed up by a CA53X4 64bit 1.1 GHz processor that allows you to operate it smoothly like nothing else. It is powered by Android Pie, and you can enjoy the best of the Google Assistant feature as well.

 Micromax TVs - Time to Redefine Your Viewing Experience

Imagine coming home and catching your favourite shows on a big screen Micromax TV. The clarity and precision with which the visuals appear on the screen will delight you and immerse you into the cinematic universe in no time. But, before we head to the various features that make Micromax televisions totally worth a place in your living room, let us tell you about a place from where you can buy them from - your favourite shopping app. You can choose from a wide range of Micromax LED TVs in various sizes, including the Micromax LED TV 81.28 cm, Micromax LED TV 106.68 cm, and the Micromax 81.28 cm Smart TV. Here are some of the most popular TV models along with their features for you to read and make a smart buying choice:

 Micromax 81 cm (32) HD Ready LED TV

 Say hello to this Micromax TV (81 cm) whose IPS panel and the Crystal Luminous Colour Polarisation (CLCP) technology will facilitate an enhanced viewing experience. What’s more, to ensure that your viewing experience is complete, this TV features surround sound speakers. After all, no experience is complete without supportive audio, right? The features don’t end here. When you are feeling a little low, you can make use of this television’s gaming OSD feature and play your favourite games, including Sudoku, Tetris, Boxman, and more.

 Micromax 102 cm (40) Full HD LED TV

 Bring home this television from Micromax and enliven your viewing experience with vibrant visuals and crystal-clear sound. Featuring the Crystal Luminous Colour Polarisation (CLCP) technology, this television will spoil you with lifelike colours. The features don’t end here. You can make this television into an all-in-one entertainment hub, as it comes equipped with VGA, HDMI, and USB ports. This television also comes with the Sleep Timer mode. So if you want to control the number of hours of television you watch in a day, then you can set a timer and the TV will shut off once the set time has elapsed. You can even watch your much-loved band’s concerts on this television, as its surround sound speakers will create a concert-like atmosphere right at your home.

Micromax 81 cm (32) HD Ready LED TV

 Prepare yourself for a wholesome TV viewing experience with your family and friends by bringing home this model from Micromax. Its Crystal Luminous Colour Polarisation (CLCP) technology will ensure that every image you see on the screen is crystal-clear. With the presence of the SRS surround sound, you can expect your visuals to be backed with good sound quality and bass response.

Micromax 139 cm (55) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart Android TV

 Smart is the new way of defining home. This Android TV from Micromax will be a smart addition to your home. You can take your favourite entertainment to a whole new level with the help of various applications and features on this smart Micromax TV. Its 4K resolution will ensure that every visual you see is appealing to the eye. With the presence of 2.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory, this television will function efficiently so that you can browse and watch any content of your choice without any hassle.

 Micromax 60 cm (24) HD Ready LED TV

 Get ready to make your weekends and weekdays more entertaining with this television from Micromax. Featuring the Crystal Luminous Colour Polarisation (CLCP) technology, this television will delight you with fantastic visuals and crystal-clear picture quality. That’s not all, you can even connect your digital camera or USB devices on this TV and show your loved ones all the vacation pictures and videos on the bigger screen. Oh, and this TV will let you customize your audio experience as per the content you are watching. Which means that if you are watching an action-packed movie, you can adjust the audio accordingly so that every punchline and kick from the hero is audible to you. This television also features the SRS Surround Sound which will ensure an enhanced sound performance at high and low frequencies. This will bring about a greater feeling when you are watching each visual on the screen. 

 Why Micromax TVs?

 With so many brands out there, you might be wondering what makes a Micromax TV stand out from the rest. Micromax Informatics Limited is one of the leading consumer electronics company whose affordable innovations have made them a synonymous brand with the Indian consumer. Known for its smartphones, Micromax also manufactures various consumer electronics which include TVs, air conditioners, laptops, and washing machines. The range of Micromax televisions comes with various features at attractive prices which makes these products stand out in the market.

 Why Do You Need a Television at Home?

 Gone are the days when television used to be a platform for you to watch your favourite cable channels. Televisions have evolved over the years as a platform for all your entertainment needs. So, even if you don’t have a DTH connection, you might need a TV at home to watch all the shows on your streaming platforms. You can view these shows on a much bigger screen and enjoy a wholesome viewing experience. Similarly, you might be an avid gamer. You can take your gaming experience to a whole new dimension by connecting your gaming peripherals to a larger screen. The effect of playing your games on a bigger screen is something that needs to be experienced. You can also watch your favourite sports matches on TV. You can bring about a theatre-like ambience at home so that you don’t have to go to a crowded cafe to watch your preferred sports. With a tub of home-made popcorn and good company, your living room will bring about a stadium-like vibe so that you feel like you are part of the venue where the match is taking place.

 Below are the three popular models of Micromax LED and smart TV that you can buy online:

Micromax 81-cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED TV

 This Micromax LED TV with an 81-cm (32 inch) display is a complete entertainment appliance that comes with an IPS display featuring wide viewing angles, Surround Sound Speakers, Hindi OSD, and interactive games. Furthermore, the elegant and sleek design makes it a beautiful addition to your living room or bedroom decor.

 Micromax 139-cm (55 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart Android TV

 This is a Google-certified Android TV that features 2.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory for seamless and uninterrupted entertainment. Also, its 4K Resolution, along with a voice-assisted remote control, makes it an impressive and user-friendly home entertainment appliance.

 Micromax Canvas 81-cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED Smart TV

 This Micromax Canvas LED Smart TV lets you enjoy entertainment content from various sources. You can connect this TV to your home Wi-Fi router or use the built-in LAN to access your favorite online shows. You can also wirelessly connect this TV to your smartphone to access various files on your personal device. To ensure that your home entertainment is seamless, this TV runs on a powerful quad-core processor.

 So, log on to your favorite online shopping website and get a stunning Micromax LED TV home delivered.

 Micromax TV – Enjoy a Remarkable TV Viewing Experience

 Getting a 42-Inch LED TV For Your Living Room

 While you have a large living room, it may not be large enough to accommodate a 50-inch screen. In such a case, Micromax 42-inch LED TV are what you can shop for online. Available at budget prices, these TVs are ideal for watching from a distance of 5.1 to 6 feet. When it comes to buying a budget TV, Micromax is one brand that you will love shopping from. Shopping for Micromax 40- inch TVs online, you will find TVs in different price ranges so you can easily buy a TV at the best price. Apart from this, the following are a few other interesting features that you will come across:

 Ultra High Definitions

 No, it’s not just a large screen that you enjoy with a Micromax 42-inch LED TV in your living room but a clear one too. The TVs come with 4K definitions, also know as ultra high definitions that provide a view with four times the clarity of a standard definition TV. In this way, you can enjoy movies and other content on your TV with a brighter and sharper image quality.

 Smart Features

 With your Micromax 42-inch LED TV on your living room wall, you are never going to run out of options for entertainment. With the Android Jelly Bean 4.2, the TVs give you a wealth of entertainment options. You can enjoy gaming, sharing videos and so much more. The smooth interface lets you multitask with ease.

 Micromax TV feature the Audio Visual Entertainment Architecture technology that will deliver stunning visuals and sound, so that you can enjoy an immersive TV viewing experience. If you want to watch your favourite movies or shows in stunning clarity, then Micromax full HD TV can be a great choice. The full HD resolution lets you enjoy every single detail with rich detail and clarity.

 Micromax Smart TV let you enjoy a surround sound effect no matter what you’re listening to, be it a song or a cricket commentary. Some of them also come preloaded with games, so you won't feel the boredom while you’re alone at home. Some models come equipped with Android Jelly Bean operating system, while others come with 4K resolution which will take your TV-viewing experience to a whole new level. With the help of Screen Casting feature in some models, you can view all your smartphone’s content like apps, videos, music, and photos on a large TV screen.

 Enjoy an Easy Shopping Experience

 You can buy a Micromax TV online without worrying about going to an electronics retail store. Online shopping portals have filters that will let you compare two or more models in terms of their features, specifications and price for a wise buy.

 Buy Micromax TV Online

 Order Micromax television online from the comfort of your home, grab your chance to avail several discount offers online and enhance your TV viewing experience as well.

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